Blue Book Hotels

Ballymaloe House is proudly a founder member of Ireland’s Blue Book.

Ireland's Blue Book

Ballymaloe House is proudly a founder member of Ireland’s Blue Book. We welcome visitors with Blue Book vouchers for use at our beautiful country house here in East Cork, Ireland. So, if you are looking for somewhere special to use your Blue Book Hotels voucher in Ireland but are not too sure where to, look no further than our beautiful country estate which is built onto a castle & nestled on a 300-acre farmland - ideal for that perfect midweek escape or weekend getaway.

Below are some frequently asked questions relating to Ireland’s Blue Book Hotels.

What are Blue Book Vouchers?

The vouchers are available from €100 & can be redeemed for stays or dining in restaurants in any Blue Book Hotels, affiliated houses & or restaurants across Ireland.

Do These Vouchers expire?

Blue Book vouchers are valid for 5 years but, according to Blue Book policy, they do permit the use of expired vouchers should they exceed the 5-year validity period. If you are unsure, it would be best to check with Blue Book or the establishment you would like to use your vouchers with.

How do you use a Blue Book voucher?

To use your voucher all you need to do is book a stay or make a reservation in any of the current Blue Book properties. Then, just bring your voucher with you to your chosen Blue Book destination. When you are presented with your bill, you can use your voucher as full or part-payment.

Can the vouchers be used for dinner in restaurants?

Yes indeed, Blue Book vouchers can be used for hotel stays, as well as for meals & dinners with the current edition of Blue Book members such as Ballymaloe House.

Can you add money to an existing voucher?

Yes, you can. All that you need to do is post your existing voucher to the Blue Book head office at 63 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.

Use your vouchers at Ballymaloe House

Ballymaloe House combines luxury rooms, fantastic views and unbelievable food and is an ideal place for you to use your Blue Book vouchers. When looking for a perfect country escape, then grab your vouchers and head for East Cork! For more information on using your vouchers with Ballymaloe House, please feel free to contact us today!