Working in a Winter Wonderland

Friday, December 1, 2017

Working in a Winter Wonderland

What’s to do in the garden at this time of year? A question frequently asked and being so busy, there’s barely time to answer!

Having survived Storm Ophelia, raked up the leaves, retrieved the scattered plant pots and mended some broken glass, it was time to get back to the winter job list. This meant covering all outside taps and mulching Dahlias and rhubarb plants to protect from the frost. The peach leaf-curl frame has been put up to protect the spring blossom from wind and the leaves from any disease – although in the depths of winter, spring growth seems a long way off.

In November, the bulbs arrived – masses of Narcissi, muscari, tulips and alliums to be planted around the walled garden, into pots and close to the hotel. It’s a good excuse to cut back herbaceous material and clear weeds in the borders. With the volunteer gardeners continuing to help out, it’s a great time to chat through garden plan for next year.

And as the kitchen starts to prepare for the festive season, the garden is revealing its best – chard and kale and spinach, Brussels sprouts, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, beetroot and swedes. Lots of root vegetables for hearty soups and comforting mash – fueling the internal heating needed on the frosty, freezing mornings.

Happy Gardening!

Working in a Winter Wonderland
Working in a Winter Wonderland
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