Summertime Memories

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Summertime Memories

by Róisín Berner

When growing up at Ballymaloe we always knew that when the Wisteria started to bloom on the front of the house then Summer was on its way and even more importantly, the swimming pool would soon be full.

My grandparents, Myrtle and Ivan would then call on us grandchildren for assistance with getting the pool ready, the first job after all was to re-home the hundreds and thousands of tadpoles to the nearby pond. The job was taken very seriously, and we absolutely did our best to ensure that as many of them would reach the pond safely.
After that, the pool needed a good cleaning and paint before the tap was finally turned on. There was only one single tap to fill the pool, so it took what felt like a very long time to fill for all of us, impatient children. Sometimes we just couldn’t wait and would jump right into the half-full, cold water. The pool today is heated by our biomass boiler that is fuelled with waste straw; it is still a refreshing dip and one that I would highly recommend during your stay.

The other summer job that didn’t exactly fall to the grandchildren, but we knew that if we helped it would put us well into the good books with Grandma and Grandpa, was to help pick the summer fruit in the garden. There are a few weeks when ripe fruit is abundant, and the pressure is on to get the berries and currants in before the birds get them first or they begin to rot on the branches.

Grandma would call on any grandchild that she could, and local children living nearby who wanted to earn 'a few bob' were to help get the currants, loganberries, raspberries, and gooseberries into the kitchen before they would go over. Once there, they would be either prepared for dinner that night or carefully packed up and frozen for the weeks and months ahead.

We were always so well rewarded for our hard work with a delicious Raspberry Fool, Jane’s Biscuits or Strawberry ice cream or even better a Summer Berry Roulade.

Summers at Ballymaloe House are truly magical and while you are staying with us, I would encourage you to take a walk around the woodlands and the walled garden. The trees are green, rich and at their best and the walled garden is full of vegetables and salads that you will see on the dinner menu. If you are lucky, you might find the raspberry bush or even a ripe plum and enjoy a small snack on your wander.

Summertime Memories

Come to experience a relaxed luxury stay at Ballymaloe House Hotel this Summer. Nestled within 300 acres of land, immerse yourself in the luxury of a relaxed pace, elegant bedrooms, and a historic charm that pervades the house. Savour our seasonal, farm-to-table dining experience, with good food accompanied by organic wines and garden-to-glass cocktails. To disconnect even further, take leisurely nature walks, enjoy a game of croquet, or take a refreshing dip in our outdoor swimming pool.

Surrounded by your loved one, crafting treasured memories of a well-enjoyed summer getaway.

Summertime Memories
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