Only at Ballymaloe # 3

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Only at Ballymaloe # 3

So it’s been a while since I last updated my blog and I apologize for that. So much as happened since then. Where do I begin? After looking back at my last two posts I realized I never actually talked about what exactly I do here at Ballymaloe. My shift is split into two ( which I’m not used to but I have the afternoons to myself :) ). In the morning I go around and pick and arrange flowers into lovely clay pots for the dining rooms and the bedrooms for the guests when they arrive. In the evening I am the official “trolly dolly” as they say. I go around and offer cheese and dessert to the guests. So over all I must say I got it pretty good.

When I pick flowers, I just go around the farm with a basket and wander around in the woods, so when it’s a nice day it’s fantastic! As the trolly dolly, no one is ever disappointed when I come around! Everyone is so excited for the cheese and dessert, especially the dessert! The only problem for me personally is how delicious the desserts are here. Since I am the trolly dolly it only makes sense that I try all the desserts hehe. So I have been here for about 7 weeks now and I am pretty sure I have eaten dessert here at LEAST once a day, everyday. Do you see the problem for me in a few months from now? I’ll officially be the “ballyballoon” as I like to call it. So what is my plan of action? Keep eating what I want and remain active...seems to be working so far ;).

Side note: This is random, but definitely needs to be noted since it did happen at Ballymaloe. Apparently guests also arrive in Helicopters? How cool is that! Only at Ballymaloe :)

Only at Ballymaloe # 3
Only at Ballymaloe # 3
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