Only at Ballymaloe

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Only at Ballymaloe

So it has been exactly three weeks since I have arrived here at The Ballymaloe House. I have to emphasize how exquisite and miraculous this place truly is. For a Country House hotel in the middle of the country, this place has so much history, amazing food and the people here are absolutely lovely. I was also quite surprised to see how many people working here were not from Ireland. For instance some who work here are from South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania, France, Canada (me :)) and other places. How random is that? Only at Ballymaloe. Where else would one rather be? Coming from Canada, where there is currently snow and freezing temperatures, the weather here is great, the air is fresh and everything is green...not used to having spring in February and early March haha.

When I first arrived here in Ireland, Rory Allan greeted me with a huge hug and a warm “Welcome to Ireland!”. He was so lovely, and it was nice to have such a warm welcome arriving to a place for the first time ever and losing your luggage as well. Thankfully my luggage did eventually arrive two days later. Thank god, considering that was my life in that suitcase for the next six months living here. One thing I also can’t seem to ignore is how friendly everyone is and how they would do anything for you. I get invited to go to places all the time and if I need anything someone is always around to help.

There was one day I was getting ready to go out for the night with a few new friends and I stopped in my tracks and noticed two peacocks, one male and one female, randomly outside our staff flat door. I laughed to myself and thought, only at Ballymaloe would this ever happen. Then this incident got me thinking that there is a lot about this place that is quite unique and one of a kind. For instance every room in the hotel has it’s own name such as “ The Castle room” or the “Blue room”and each room is designed differently with matching carpet, curtains, bed spread and wallpaper. The way each room is designed is so quaint and beautiful. You would never find anything quite like it in Canada, at least not from my experience. I am looking forward to work here, and will update as much as possible about my Irish Adventures at Ballymaloe!

Only at Ballymaloe
Only at Ballymaloe
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