New Piglets!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Piglets!

Last week our sow had 11 piglets! We hope to see them out of their house this week, so if you have your wellies, and want to take the kids down to have a peek do!

The daffodils are brightening up the front and back drive with their golden heads and there is a lot of wildlife around at the moment. A few pheasant have been spotted scuttling across the front lawn and a white egret was also seen, hare are a common sight as well as rabbits.

In three weeks we have the Introduction to Wine Appreciation Course with Mary Dowey which is already booked out, but dont worry she is hosting another wine course - Classic Blends and New Trends in April, check out our home page for more details.

New Piglets!
New Piglets!
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