JR Ryall International Book Launch

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

JR Ryall International Book Launch

JR's International Book Launch Tour

Our pastry chef JR Ryall, launched his delectable debut cookbook 'Ballymaloe Desserts' (published by Phaidon), quite literally to the world, in Oct 2022.

In the book, JR describes his first days at Ballymaloe House beautifully.  He talks about being 'Quite simply dazzled by the operation that Myrtle and Ivan Allen had created at Ballymaloe; it was more about a way of life than just a restaurant and hotel." He also shared, "To me Myrtle was magic: she had a knack of finding out what people were good at, she looked for their strengths and gave them the opportunity to develop their interests, she praised good work and she embraced diversity."

Myrtle truly spotted talent in JR and would be extremely proud of all his achievements, as everyone at Ballymaloe House is today, but especially proud for bringing Ballymaloe Desserts to the world.  And bringing it to the world is no exaggeration!  JR's whirlwind book launch tour started at home in the Ballymaloe Grainstore on Sunday 11th September for friends and family.

Next stop was London for a fabulous bakery Pop-up at Violet with his good friend Claire Ptak before an extraordinarily delicious dinner collaboration with Skye Gyngell at SPRING in Somerset House.  From here JR flew off to Chicago for another bakery Pop-up at Kasama.  3 days later JR popped up in New York for a lunchtime event at KING.  His final event took him to Toronto for a lecture at the George Brown College.  

Congratulations JR on such an incredible book launch tour, stunning book and sharing your Ballymaloe Desserts Book, and love of Ballymaloe, with the world.  

Ballymaloe Desserts by JR Ryall published by Phaidon

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JR Ryall International Book Launch
JR Ryall International Book Launch
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