Guest blog: A room with a view - Chloe aged 15

August 3, 2016

Guest blog: A room with a view - Chloe aged 15

My Room with a View

Written by recent guest Chloe aged 15 (August 2016)

I woke up this morning to look out my window only to see a sea of green; Green Grass, green trees. I could see that it would be a beautiful summer’s day.

Amongst the grass, I could see sculptures, both big & small. Some people were admiring them. I could see my favourite sculpture- A sculpture of a deer, standing alone but strong.

I could hear a tractor in the distance. I could see in the corner of the field, a tractor driving out after cutting the wonderful golden barley. The shrieks of delight as the children jumped over the lines of freshly cut straw as the sun shone brightly on the golden ground.

The pitter patter as the leaves and branches tap off the glass pane of the window. I really felt I could sit here all day because I had the best view in all of Ballymaloe.

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