Christmas Day at Ballymaloe

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day at Ballymaloe

Every year Ballymaloe closes for a few days over Christmas when the house returns to a family home and this year we had a record number of 64 family and friends for Christmas dinner.Myrtle gives everyone a job - cooking, waitressing, making pre dinner cocktails, washing up, organising games etc.This year Cully got the very important roll as head chef! But with several very will qualified sous chefs (including Darina) and a cocktail or two to keep things festive, it was one of the more enjoyable jobs.

Cully(Left) getting the soup ready. Ted of Wildside Catering (Right) making gravy. This goes with the rest of the traditional roast turkey and ham main course.

Seibhe and Jim are in charge of setting up the starter of salads, seafood, terrines and crusty bread.

The remains of the children's table!

The Allen family and friends in the Drawing Room.Christmas day is always a very special occasion when the family gets together to eat, chat, play games and give presents. This year was no exception!Thanks to Malachy for taking the photos!

Christmas Day at Ballymaloe
Christmas Day at Ballymaloe
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