Book Launch ‘Ballymaloe, a Day in the Life’ by Daphne Spillane

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Launch ‘Ballymaloe, a Day in the Life’ by Daphne Spillane

On Sunday 13th December Rachel Allen officially launched sales of the stunning photographic book 'Ballymaloe, A Day in the Life' at a festive reception at Ballymaloe House.

'Ballymaloe, A Day in the Life' is a photographic book depicting a behind the scenes day in the life at Ballymaloe House. This labour of love was choreographed and published by long-term staff member Daphne Spillane, Daphne sought to acknowledge the loyalty and long term service of members of staff who have worked at Ballymaloe House over the years, 40 and 50 years for some. A day was chosen, Wednesday 24th June, photographer Joleen Cronin was booked, and the staff informed and with the help of Richie Scott from Artistic Alliance and graphic designer Alan O’Shea, Daphne published this beautiful insight to behind the scenes at Ballymaloe House.

Mrs Myrtle Allen celebrated her 90th birthday in 2014 and this was 50 years after placing her “Dine in a country house” advertisement in the Cork Examiner (May 1964). Daphne dedicates this book to all the staff that has been part of The Allen family journey and says “Mrs Allen is a woman of great foresight and an incredible boss; she created a safe and happy working environment that many staff have enjoyed for many years and continue to enjoy”.

Mrs Allen’s philosophy has always been simple, as she told the Wall Street Journal aged 91 in 2015 “serving guests simple Irish food made with our farm’s produce in my home seemed logical”. As Ballymaloe House expanded and the reputation of the family passion and talent for producing good food and offering great hospitality grew, the Allen’s began to rely on local families to help them. Some of these local helpers were just out of school and many of these neighbours continue to work at Ballymaloe House, having spent the last 20, 30 and for some, over 40 years loyally serving with the Allen family.

“Ballymaloe, A day in the Life” is a creative photographic peek into behind the scenes at Ballymaloe House on a regular day. From dawn to dusk, as the day progresses, it illustrates the pictorial story of the many areas within the estate working together with the mutual objective to maintain the simple Ballymaloe magic of Mrs Allen’s philosophy.

“We first employed Daphne Beamish (now Spillane) as a young Receptionist in 1986. We congratulate Daphne for producing this book and on behalf of our family we appreciate this opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work and loyal support shown by our staff, without this extended family, Ballymaloe House could never have arrived at where it is today” Hazel Allen, Manager of Ballymaloe House.

Hardback copies of this beautiful and artistic coffee table book 'Ballymaloe, A Day in the Life' will be available at Ballymaloe House & shop and they are also available at Midleton Books, Midleton Main Street.

For more information contact Daphne Spillane on (086) 386 7286 or

Book Launch ‘Ballymaloe, a Day in the Life’ by Daphne Spillane
Book Launch ‘Ballymaloe, a Day in the Life’ by Daphne Spillane
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