Ballymaloe on Tour ... to South Africa

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ballymaloe on Tour ... to South Africa

It was almost a case of … last person in Ballymaloe, turn of the lights as many staff, family & friends headed off to the sunny destination of South Africa. Well, Sun city & Capetown to be more precise! Off to celebrate the wedding of my wonderful friend and colleague and well known receptionist, Lyndsay Greer to her sweetheart, Michael Cashman.

And from the moment we arrived, Lyndsay’s uniqueness and impeccable attention to detail shone.

(The Goodie Bag!)

Our welcome goodie bags, complete with Jameson whiskey, Ballymaloe relish, sweeties, plasters, disprin & more ensured we were well covered for every eventuality!

The wedding day began well & unlike Irish weddings, we were guaranteed sun, lots of sun. After the beauty regime of hair & make up , we made our way to the open “Wind-chime chapel”, so elegantly dressed with white roses, the white carpet down the aisle personalised with the” L & M” trademark & covered in rose petals, our bells to help celebrate, our sunglasses to see & our personalised fans to keep cool.

We did cheer & clap & laugh and congratulate. A truly unique service! Time to celebrate in style, back at the 5*****Palace, with a traditional greeting of drums banging, drinks flowing & photo snapping in the company of a life sized elephant standing in the centre of the courtyard. Where else would you get it?

The speeches were eloquent, food tantalising, wine flowing, wedding cake....amazing and dancing ........ well we all danced, some better than others!

(Hazel with the blushing bride)

It was, without doubt the most fantastic wedding experience.

(The early birds on safari)

But in brief, it was a fraction of our holiday. It was a pleasure to experience an amazing safari & see the famous 5 animals, steer a segway, experience a real South African dinner, visit Stellenbosch vineyard & sample gorgeous wines, take a tour to Robben Island & see Nelson Mandela’s jail cell, climb Table a cable car, indulge in a 3 course afternoon tea at the 5***** Baywater hotel as well as drink cocktails all the time, especially my litre of Mojito.

(My Litre of Mojito)

South Africa was a magical destination, thanks especially to the personal input made by Lyndsay & Michael. I was privileged & honoured to share their wedding day with them. But special thanks to my fellow Ballymaloe travelling companions who made the experience all the more memorable!

Ballymaloe on Tour ... to South Africa
Ballymaloe on Tour ... to South Africa
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