Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours

Enjoy the fresh Ballycotton sea air and be mesmerised by the natural beauty and stunning views that Ballycotton Island has to offer.

Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours offers a truly magical memory-making excursion.Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours is a 'not-for-profit' company that would like to bring you on a magical, historical and unique tour.

The Ballycotton Lighthouse lantern was first lit in 1851 and 141 years later the last lighthouse keeper was taken off the island due to the automation of the light. Now, for the first time ever, you can step foot onto the wild, natural and unspoiled island, climb the original iron staircase and enjoy the same incredible views from the lantern balcony that up until now only resident lighthouse keepers could have enjoyed.

Our tour begins at the Inn By The Harbour where our local guide will greet you. Our guide will accompany you on your journey to the Ballycotton lighthouse island in our open topped boat and escort you to the island summit and lighthouse whilst regaling you with historic tales as well as information on the flora and fauna of the area.

All the time surrounded by stunning views and the fresh Ballycotton sea air.For more information please visit the Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours Website.

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Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours
Ballycotton Island Lighthouse Tours
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