Art Exhibition of New Work by Bill Griffin

October 3, 2016

Art Exhibition of New Work by Bill Griffin

The Cork born artist Bill Griffin will exhibit more than forty new works ranging in size from 20cm x 25cm to large scale 200cm x 300cm.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 15 October at 6:15 pm and runs until mid-November.

Bill Griffin's work is not easy to place in a contemporary Irish art context. He is entirely himself and his depictions of other worldliness are not lyrically expressed. Instead, they embody an almost visceral physicality. Griffin, a self-taught artist who has studiously avoided the college system, remains unfettered by the constant breakdown of concepts in order to justify visual decisions made. His visual language does not originate in academia, affording him a freedom to respond to other impulses with a focus on individuality as opposed to a collective movement. He is completely in the present moment when he paints; his point of departure is the act of painting itself. - Kate McCormick

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