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Wildside Catering

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I believe that whatever the occasion there is always a need for exceptional food and service. My priority is to use only the best of produce sourced from the highly skilled artisan food producers and growers of East and West Cork. When using good quality produce and fresh garden vegetables there is often very little need to complicate things.

We have been busy perfecting the art of fire cooking over the last few years. We choose to cook our meat and fish over an open air fire using hard Irish woods such as beech, ash and oak. This does not only make the food taste amazing but it also creates a very unique and atmospheric touch to your celebration.

Not only can I look after the food, I also have a lot of friends! Together we can help with the most part of your party experience. We can assist with anything from a marriage ceremony to invitations, decorations, flowers, marquee hire, music, photography, hand roasted coffee, wine & booze.

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