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#GardentoGlass Ballymaloe Summer Cocktails

Traford joined our team from the fabulous Cask in Cork city and had at the time entered into the prestigious Havana Club Grand Prix international cocktail competition.   

We are hugely proud of Traford as he is currently now in Havana, Cuba representing Ireland in the semi-finals and we wish him every success.  To us, he is however already a winner - such a massive achievement to be there representing Ireland... good luck Traford! #HavanaClubGrandPrix


Ballymaloe Walled Garden Blog 2018 #2 April

The weather and the soil are finally getting a bit warmer, so even though we were behind about two weeks with the direct sowing from last year we could finally get going with it. Mags showed me the various stages; first, we needed to rake the ground, we then measured out the rows with string. We sowed carrots, navets, spring onions and beetroot. Using the string as a guideline we made 3 rows with a drill maker for each vegetable. Next is sowing the seed, raking over the soil to cover them and then finally using the string to make more markings for the rows.


Ballymaloe in the Snow

Beautiful images of Ballymaloe House, farm, gardens and Grainstore during #StormEmma #BeastfromtheEast early March 2018.  We had not seen snow in East Cork similar to this since 1982, that was the last time Ireland came to a snowy standstill.

Difficult as it was to travel around the country, we were open as usual throughout the storm and Rory Allen braved the frosty elements to take these stunning images. 


Ballymaloe Garden Blog 2018 #1

It's the time of year for pruning before the trees start to wake up. It was a sharp learning curve for me as I only had a few hours experience over a year ago.


March Madness

With lengthening days helping us shake off the cold, wet winter it’s seed sowing time! Just as well as the soaking rain has made working on the soil very difficult. 


New Bar

Each year during the month of January Ballymaloe takes a well-deserved break for 3 weeks which facilitates the ideal time to renovate some of the bedrooms.

This year however, the bar was privileged to a much needed makeover.

What originally began as a water line adjustment for the above castle room lead to the extensive removal of the existing bar walls, returning to the original stone wall of the 15th Centenary Norman Castle. 

Once this fantastic feature had been discovered it was decided to incorporate it into the current, new bar.


Welcome to our new bar manager

Welcome to the team Traford and congratulations on recently winning The Bartender Project Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix Ireland!


#Bluebookfamily visit from Hayfield Manor

It was a great pleasure to welcome Dierdre Minihane and her Hayfield Manor front of house team to Ballymaloe House.  Hayfield Manor is 40 minutes away in Cork city and is one of our 5-star fellow Ireland's Blue Book locations. 

It is always a pleasure to welcome members of our #BlueBookFamily and we thank you all very much for taking the time out of their busy schedules to visit and experience Ballymaloe House. 


Our own Apple Juice & Ballymaloe Mulled Apple Recipe

On the Ballymaloe Farm 5 years ago, we planted a 2 acre orchard of cider apples, mainly Dabinett but also Crimson Bramley, Santana, Topas, Delles Bell and Dellinquo.  Other varietals grow across the farm, in the walled Garden and adjacent to the aptly named Orchard Cottage.  

Mild weather throughout the year allowed perfect growing conditions for Apples across Ireland’s orchards, so having yielded such an abundant crop this year there were endless possibilities of uses for the apples.


The Pastry Kitchen Christmas Blog

The pastry kitchen is always the first part of the house to feel festive as winter evenings draw in at Ballymaloe. The weather changes to suit the season and the pastry team is busy at work; making a list, checking it twice and from then on its lots of plum puddings, mince pies and cakes to ice. Work begins in October as the aroma of citrus peel, slowly candying, fills the kitchen. Soon extra whiskey from the Midleton distillery and rich plump dried fruits arrive.

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